What is a Vacuum Tender Truck?

Tender Drafting

A vacuum tender is a truck designed specifically to haul large amounts of water. It has a 3500 gallon tank on it which the pump can fill within a few minutes.

How does it work?
It has a vacuum pump on it and it works similarly to vet/dry vacuum cleaner .

Is it efficient?
It is very efficient and fairly easy to use.  Fill time varies depending on how many feet of suction hose is needed to reach the water.  It can be filled in 3 minutes with 20 ft of suction hose at 1200 gallons per minute. With 100 ft of suction hose it takes 7 minutes to fill at 500 gallons per minute.

Unloading can be done with gravity or it can be pressured off.

The tenders can be filled from just about any water source. We have numerous fire ponds throughout the town and a boat landing. In the spring, we can fill out of a road ditch!