Youth Firefighters


What are youth firefighters?
For our department a youth firefighter is anyone  between the ages of 14 and 18.  This individual needs to live in the Town of Pensaukee or within 2 miles of the townline.

What can they do?
There actually is a fair amount of things that they can do and there are a few things that they can't do. In all honesty anyone new to the fire service is also restricted on what they can do until they have received the appropriate training.

Can Youth firefighters take training?
Yes they can. The training is paid through the Department as long as the Chief has approved it.

So far we have had 9 young firefighters in this program, and it is not just limited to boys. We have had and still have a few girls in this program too. Our current Fire Chief and one of our past fire Chiefs started out as youth firefighters.