Emergency Calls

Volunteer Firefighter

6-30-2022 PFD EMS assisted Oconto ambulance in the Brookside area for a call.

6-26-2022 Oakland Lane tree on fire leaning against the power line. The weight of the tree eventually broke the line. We secured the scene until the power company arrived.

6-21-2022 PFD called out for field on fire.

6-18-2022 PFD EMS called to assist Oconto ambulance

6-18-2022 PFD and EMS called out for motorcycle and deer accident on Hwy 41 and J

6-16-2022 Call for PFD for multiple trees down blocking roads and for electrical wires down

6-16-2022 Oconoto MABAS call for PFD Fire to assist with collapsed pole building

6-9-2022 Provided traffic control on Hwy 41 for active situation for police

5-15-2022 PFD EMS called to assist Oconto Ambulance

5-14-2022 PFD responded to a silo fire in the town of Abrams

5-13-2022 PFD EMS called to assist Oconto Ambulance

5-9-2022 PFD EMS called to assist Oconto Ambulance

5-4-2022 PFD EMS called to assist Oconto Ambulance

4-15-2022 MABAS call for PFD Fire and EMS for fire in Oconto

4-15-2022 PFD EMS called out to assist Oconto Ambulance

4-2-2022 PFD Fire and EMS called for traffic accident on Kunzer Beach Lane

3-24-2022 PFD EMS called out to assist Oconto Ambulance

3-18-2022 PFD EMS called out to assist Oconto Ambulance

3-14-2022 PFD EMS called out to assist Oconto Ambulance

2-25-2022 PFD EMS called out to assist Oconto ambulance at a disturbance

1-28-2022 Responded to an Abrams MABIS call for a structure fire. Provided tenders and water support.

1-25-2022 Responded to a vehicle accident at Geano Beach Rd and Horse Rd.

1-21-2022 Structure fire in attic on Cty J. Extinguished fire.

1-10-2022 Abrams MABIS call for a chimney fire. Provided water tender.

1-2-2022 Responded to one vehicle roll-over/accident on Hwy 41.

11-27-2021 Responded to a garage explosion/fire. Fire spread to house.

11-06-2021 Responded to a MABIS call from Oconto for a structure fire

10-29-2021 Responded to a call for assistance to help remove a person trapped between some machinery.

9-19-2021 Responded to a car fire at Cty S and Sampson road. Extinguished fire, provided traffic control and clean up.

8-22-2021 Gas/oil leak by Pensaukee boat landing. Contained and cleaned up.

8-18-2021 2 vehicle accident on Hwy 41. Provided blocking and traffic management.

7-28-2021 Man fell out of deer stand 200 yards back in the woods. Provided assistance getting him out of the woods to ambulance.

7-27-2021 1 am to 4:30 am checked for and reported trees on power lines to the appropriate power companies. Removed trees causing hazards to traffic. 7 am responded to a report of a tree on a power line.

7-17-2021 Two vehicle car accident on Cty J and Brookside Rd. Pensaukee Fire and EMS responded. Provided traffic control.

6-18-2021 MABAS call for barn/farm fire on Cty C. Pensaukee provided 2 tenders for water supply.

6-4-2021 Brush fire on Kruegers Quarry Rd. Contained and extinguished.

5-27-2021 One vehicle accident that hit a deer on Hwy 41 and Cty J. Provided traffic control.

5-25-2021 One vehicle accident on Cty S. Provided traffic control.

5-1-2021 Transformer blew up, small fires resulted. Extinguished.

4-7-2021 Brush fire on the corner of Froelick and Oak Orchard. Contained and extinguished.

3-6-2021 Smoke detector set off alarm at townhall and dispatched fire department. Responded and cleared.

1-17-2021 One vehicle roll over accident. Vehicle went into median. Provided traffic control and clean up.

12-21-2020 One vehicle accident. Vehicle crossed over median. Provided traffic control and clean up.

12-20-2020 MABIS call from Oconto for garage fire. Call canceled in enroute.

12-17-2020 MABIS call from Oconto for residential structure fire

12-11-2020 MABIS call from Oconto for fire in basement of commercial structure

11-24-2020 Provide 1 Tender for Oconto Falls structure fire

11-15-2020 2 vehicle accident on Cty S and Sampson road

11-06-2020 Assist Abrams Fire with a brush fire endangering nearby exposures.

10-30-2020 Call for fire in woods. False alarm as it was a controlled burn.

10-6-2020 Assisted Abrams Fire Department at a structure and grass fire in town of Abrams

7-23-2020 Call for lift assist for a male who had fallen in driveway and was unable to get up.

7-11-2020 Assisted Oconto Falls on a MABAS call for a fire at a farm on Company Lake Rd. Provided two tenders.

7-8-2020 One vehicle accident near Vermeiren Rd and Hwy 41.

7-3-2020 Two vehicle accident at Hwy 41 and Kruegers Quarry Rd.

7-2-2020 Abrams MABAS call. We provided assistance to the Abrams Fire Department for a fully involved structure fire. Provided tenders, engine, and additional man power.

6-27-2020 Oconto Falls MABAS call for help in locating a missing child. Child located and request was canceled before we left the station.

6-19-2020 Responded to highway 41 in the area of county SS for traffic control due to a vehicle in the median of the roadway. The problem was resolved before we arrived on scene.

6-20-2020 While it was raining we were called to an out of control grass and shed fire on Oak Orchard road. Upon arriving on scene it was discovered that fire was just a small debris fire that an individual had ignited earlier in the day because it was raining and the fire danger was extremely low. We doused out the few remaining hot coals that were left.

6/5/2020 We‎ participated‎ in‎ a‎ funeral‎ procession‎ for‎ Captain‎ Jerry‎ Aerts‎ of‎ the‎ Pensaukee‎ Fire‎ Department.‎ ‎ Jerry‎ was‎ a‎ thirty‎ year‎ veteran‎ on‎ the‎ department‎ and‎ he‎ will‎ be‎ greatly‎ missed.‎ ‎ His‎ favorite‎ saying‎ was‎, "I‎ have‎ big‎ plans".‎ On‎ behalf‎ of‎ myself‎ and‎ our‎ department‎ we‎ would‎ like‎ to‎ thank‎ Oconto,‎ Abrams‎ and‎ Little‎ Saumico‎ fire‎ departments‎ for‎ joining‎ us‎ in‎ the‎ funeral‎ procession.‎ ‎ We‎ would‎ also‎ like‎ to‎ thank‎ Pulaski‎ Fire‎ Department‎ for‎ manning‎ our‎ station‎ during‎ the‎ procession.‎ ‎ We‎ would‎ also‎ like‎ to‎ thank‎ the‎ support‎ from‎ the‎ community‎ during‎ this‎ time.

5/20/2020 Structure fire on Cty S in Oak Orchard. Pensaukee Fire responded with 4 trucks and 14 firefighters. We were assisted by Oconto Fire and Ambulance. Oconto Falls Fire, Little Suamico Fire, Abrams Fire and Green Vally/Morgan Fire departments and Oconto Sheriff's department.

5/12/2020 Small grass fire on Whippoorwill Lane

5/12/2020 Grass fire on Cty J resulting in minor damage to a garage

4/25/2020 Car fire by 41 and Bell Bridge rd

4/2/2020 Assit Oconto fire department with a structure fire on Highway 22

2/16/20 Two vehicle accident on Highway 41 near County Road J

2/15/20 Call on County Road S for a broken water line spraying water on electrical wiring.

1/27/20 Assist Oconto Rescue with carrying a patient out of the woods near Hwy 41 and old 41

1/17/20 Assist Oconto Fire with structure fire.

1/7/20 Participated in funeral procession for Dennis McDonald. Dennis served on the Pensaukee Fire Dept. for 8 years. He also served on the Oconto Fire Dept.

1/2/20 Possible car fire, search Highway 41 and County SS

12/28/19 Hwy 41 and Brookside Rd car accident. Traffic control and clean up.

12/19/19 Car accident Hwy 41 by Pensaukee River. Traffic control. Clean up.

10/14/19 Car accident Hwy 41 and Kruegers Quarry Rd

09/20/19 Car fire on 41 near Bell Bridge Rd

09/13/19 Check on a tree that fell on the power line disconnecting it from a residence on Cty J

09/13/19 Check on a tree on the power lines near Bell Bridge Rd and Brookside Cemetery Rd

09/13/19 Assist Oconto Fire with a barn fire in the town of Oconto

08/26/19 Trees burning on the power lines in Oak Orchard on Cty S

08/17/19 Vehicle Fire on Sampson Rd

08/16/19 Two Vehicle Accident at 41 and Kruegers Quarry Rd

08/16/19 Participated in a Funeral Procession for Little Saumico Fire Chief John Zak who was a lifelong member of the department

08/14/19 Fatal Motorcycle Accident at 41 and Cty J

08/07/19 Car Accident on Cty S. Car left the roadway striking two trees and a boat. At that point the car started on fire.

08/06/19 Assist Abrams Fire with a structure fire on Geano Beach Rd.

07/20/19 Called to help with storm damage in the towns of Doty, Riverview and Armstrong . Cut trees blocking the roads. Also did two welfare checks on residents that could not get out because of downed trees.

07/20/19 Cut trees blocking Moody and Huebscher roads

06/11/19 Check for a propane leak on Fish House rd

06/10/19 Shed Fire on Oak Orchard Rd with Mutual Aid from Abrams Fire

05/31/19 Car Accident on Highway 41 near Brookside Shell

05/31/19 Check on power lines after a large tree limb fell and made contact with them. We then passed information onto WPS

05/31/19 Car Fire/Grass fire Highway 41 and Brookside Rd with Mutual Aid from
Oconto Fire

05/25/19 Motorcycle Accident Highway 41 and Cty J

05/01/19 Assist Oconto Fire with a structure fire in the Town of Oconto

04/06/19 Assist Oconto Fire at a structure fire on 1st

03/15/19 Assist Oconto Falls at a structure fire hauling water in the town of Oconto Falls

03/08/19 Car Accident on Sampson Rd near Cty J

02/26/19 Assist Oconto Fire with a structure fire on Gale St

02/23/19 Car Accident on Cty S near Wood Rd

02/20/19 Small fire in attached garage on Cty J

02/13/19 Assist Oconto Fire with a structure fire on Jefferson St

02/09/19 Assist Oconto Fire with a structure fire on Harbor Rd

01/31/19 Assist Oconto Fire Department with a structure fire.

01/27/19 Resident called because CO2 detectors going off. Went into the residence with gas monitor, no gas detected. Advised the occupants a dead battery likely the cause.

01/25/19 Assist Oconto Fire with a gas leak on Neddo St in the city of Oconto

12/19/18 Assist at traffic accident at Cty J and Hwy 41

12/12/18 MABAS Call. PI Accident on Hwy 22 and Logtown Rd. Two vehicle accident with injuries. Provide assistance and traffic control.

12/11/18 Semi trailer caught on fire due to tire problems. Load of wood chips. Extinguished fire before load caught on fire. Traffic control.

11/25/18 Assist Ambulance at a call on County J

11/18/18 Accident at 41 and Erdman Lane, car vs. tree. Block traffic and assist ambulance.