Emergency Calls

5/20/2020 Structure fire on Cty S in Oak Orchard. Pensaukee Fire responded with 4 trucks and 14 firefighters. We were assisted by Oconto Fire and Ambulance. Oconto Falls Fire, Little Suamico Fire, Abrams Fire and Green Vally/Morgan Fire departments and Oconto Sheriff's department.

5/12/2020 Small grass fire on Whippoorwill Lane

5/12/2020 Grass fire on Cty J resulting in minor damage to a garage

4/25/2020 Car fire by 41 and Bell Bridge rd

4/2/2020 Assit Oconto fire department with a structure fire on Highway 22

2/16/20 Two vehicle accident on Highway 41 near County Road J

2/15/20 Call on County Road S for a broken water line spraying water on electrical wiring.

1/27/20 Assist Oconto Rescue with carrying a patient out of the woods near Hwy 41 and old 41

1/17/20 Assist Oconto Fire with structure fire.

1/7/20 Participated in funeral procession for Dennis McDonald. Dennis served on the Pensaukee Fire Dept. for 8 years. He also served on the Oconto Fire Dept.

1/2/20 Possible car fire, search Highway 41 and County SS

12/28/19 Hwy 41 and Brookside Rd car accident. Traffic control and clean up.

12/19/19 Car accident Hwy 41 by Pensaukee River. Traffic control. Clean up.

10/14/19 Car accident Hwy 41 and Kruegers Quarry Rd

09/20/19 Car fire on 41 near Bell Bridge Rd

09/13/19 Check on a tree that fell on the power line disconnecting it from a residence on Cty J

09/13/19 Check on a tree on the power lines near Bell Bridge Rd and Brookside Cemetary Rd

09/13/19 Assist Oconto Fire with a barn fire in the town of Oconto

08/26/19 Trees burning on the power lines in Oak Orchard on Cty S

08/17/19 Vehicle Fire on Sampson Rd

08/16/19 Two Vehicle Accident at 41 and Kruegers Quarry Rd

08/16/19 Participated in a Funeral Procession for Little Saumico Fire Chief John Zak who was a lifelong member of the department

08/14/19 Fatal Motorcycle Accident at 41 and Cty J

08/07/19 Car Accident on Cty S. Car left the roadway striking two trees and a boat. At that point the car started on fire.

08/06/19 Assist Abrams Fire with a structure fire on Geano Beach Rd.

07/20/19 Called to help with storm damage in the towns of Doty, Riverview and Armstrong . Cut trees blocking the roads. Also did two welfare checks on residents that could not get out because of downed trees.

07/20/19 Cut trees blocking Moody and Huebscher roads

06/11/19 Check for a propane leak on Fish House rd

06/10/19 Shed Fire on Oak Orchard Rd with Mutual Aid from Abrams Fire

05/31/19 Car Accident on Highway 41 near Brookside Shell

05/31/19 Check on power lines after a large tree limb fell and made contact with them. We then passed information onto WPS

05/31/19 Car Fire/Grass fire Highway 41 and Brookside Rd with Mutual Aid from
Oconto Fire

05/25/19 Motorcycle Accident Highway 41 and Cty J

05/01/19 Assist Oconto Fire with a structure fire in the Town of Oconto

04/06/19 Assist Oconto Fire at a structure fire on 1st

03/15/19 Assist Oconto Falls at a structure fire hauling water in the town of Oconto Falls

03/08/19 Car Accident on Sampson Rd near Cty J

02/26/19 Assist Oconto Fire with a structure fire on Gale St

02/23/19 Car Accident on Cty S near Wood Rd

02/20/19 Small fire in attached garage on Cty J

02/13/19 Assist Oconto Fire with a structure fire on Jefferson St

02/09/19 Assist Oconto Fire with a structure fire on Harbor Rd

01/31/19 Assist Oconto Fire Department with a structure fire.

01/27/19 Resident called because CO2 detectors going off. Went into the residence with gas monitor, no gas detected. Advised the occupants a dead battery likely the cause.

01/25/19 Assist Oconto Fire with a gas leak on Neddo St in the city of Oconto

12/19/18 Assist at traffic accident at Cty J and Hwy 41

12/12/18 MABAS Call. PI Accident on Hwy 22 and Logtown Rd. Two vehicle accident with injuries. Provide assistance and traffic control.

12/11/18 Semi trailer caught on fire due to tire problems. Load of wood chips. Extinguished fire before load caught on fire. Traffic control.

11/25/18 Assist Ambulance at a call on County J

11/18/18 Accident at 41 and Erdman Lane, car vs. tree. Block traffic and assist ambulance.