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"Our mission is to provide the residents of Pensaukee, Wisconsin with a highly trained and efficient fire prevention and suppression organization that operates in a safe manner to protect our community from the ravages of fire and other hazardous situations within the scope of our resources."


Recent Calls

"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart."

10-6-2020 Assisted Abrams Fire Department at a structure and grass fire in town of Abrams

7-23-2020 Call for lift assist for a male who had fallen in driveway and was unable to get up.

7-11-2020 Assisted Oconto Falls on a MABAS call for a fire at a farm on Company Lake Rd. Provided two tenders.

7-8-2020 One vehicle accident near Vermeiren Rd and Hwy 41.

7-3-2020 Two vehicle accident at Hwy 41 and Kruegers Quarry Rd.

7-2-2020 Abrams MABAS call. We provided assistance to the Abrams Fire Department for a fully involved structure fire. Provided tenders, engine, and additional man power.

6-27-2020 Oconto Falls MABAS call for help in locating a missing child. Child located and request was canceled before we left the station.

6-19-2020 Responded to highway 41 in the area of county SS for traffic control due to a vehicle in the median of the roadway. The problem was resolved before we arrived on scene.

6-20-2020 While it was raining we were called to an out of control grass and shed fire on Oak Orchard road. Upon arriving on scene it was discovered that fire was just a small debris fire that an individual had ignited earlier in the day because it was raining and the fire danger was extremely low. We doused out the few remaining hot coals that were left.

6/5/2020 We‎ participated‎ in‎ a‎ funeral‎ procession‎ for‎ Captain‎ Jerry‎ Aerts‎ of‎ the‎ Pensaukee‎ Fire‎ Department.‎ ‎ Jerry‎ was‎ a‎ thirty‎ year‎ veteran‎ on‎ the‎ department‎ and‎ he‎ will‎ be‎ greatly‎ missed.‎ ‎ His‎ favorite‎ saying‎ was‎, "I‎ have‎ big‎ plans".‎ On‎ behalf‎ of‎ myself‎ and‎ our‎ department‎ we‎ would‎ like‎ to‎ thank‎ Oconto,‎ Abrams‎ and‎ Little‎ Saumico‎ fire‎ departments‎ for‎ joining‎ us‎ in‎ the‎ funeral‎ procession.‎ ‎ We‎ would‎ also‎ like‎ to‎ thank‎ Pulaski‎ Fire‎ Department‎ for‎ manning‎ our‎ station‎ during‎ the‎ procession.‎ ‎ We‎ would‎ also‎ like‎ to‎ thank‎ the‎ support‎ from‎ the‎ community‎ during‎ this‎ time.

5/20/2020 Structure fire on Cty S in Oak Orchard. Pensaukee Fire responded with 4 trucks and 14 firefighters. We were assisted by Oconto Fire and Ambulance. Oconto Falls Fire, Little Suamico Fire, Abrams Fire and Green Vally/Morgan Fire departments and Oconto Sheriff's department.

5/12/2020 Small grass fire on Whippoorwill Lane

5/12/2020 Grass fire on Cty J resulting in minor damage to a garage

4/25/2020 Car fire by 41 and Bell Bridge rd

4/2/2020 Assit Oconto fire department with a structure fire on Highway 22

A Tribute to Captain Jerry Aerts

Jerry Aerts
11/18/1974 - 3/20/2020
Member of the Pensaukee Fire Department for 30 years.

Whoever heard of such a person?

"Volunteer firefighters are a breed unto themselves. Whoever heard of a person who is willing to be on 24-hour duty without pay for the dubious privilege of protecting his neighbor's life and property?"

"Whoever heard of a person who will dash from their desk and ride a "fire wagon" to the scene of the alarm, ruining their clothes, neglecting their business, risking their life and exhausting themselves physically, not for money, but because they believe in serving their community?"

"Whoever heard of a person who will sacrifice time with their spouse and children just to attend endless trainings where they learn how to function as a volunteer servant on behalf of their fellowmen? Or whoever heard of a person willing to rush out in the cold and dark of the middle of the night not knowing what dangers they will encounter?"

"Whoever heard (in this day and age) of a person who is crazy enough to be worrying about the other fellow?"

"Well, if you don't know the answers to those questions, look around your local firehouse. You will see people who are not out protesting and demonstrating and complaining because they are too busy living up to the image of a good American."

"You will see people whose forefathers were made of the same stuff, and that is why we have inherited this wonderful land."

"Let us all follow the example set by our volunteer firefighters and give them the support they deserve."